Burger King: The Whopper Detour

McDonald’s restaurants are practically everywhere in the United States. Which is great… for McDonald’s. For Burger King, not so much (outnumbered 2 to 1 by the Golden Arches). So, how do you compete against odds like those? By selling Whoppers “at” McDonald’s. For only a penny. With the newly updated Burger King app, relaunched with an order-ahead feature. The twist is that FCB tweaked the app to geofence McDonald’s restaurants so that the Whopper Detour promotion only unlocks when people are physically within 600 feet of Burger King’s biggest competitor. Needless to say, McDonald’s wasn’t lovin’ it.

That said, Burger King couldn’t be happier. The Whopper Detour’s business results were off the charts. And its performance at award shows has been pretty impressive too. Detour was the most-awarded piece of work at Cannes, winning three Grand Prix, including Titanium. Detour also received top honors at the ANDYs, the Webbys and was the second-most-awarded idea at The One Show with 17 pencils, including a Best of Discipline in Experiential & Immersive Marketing. Here is just some of the press it’s gotten: Inc., USA Today, Us Weekly, Adweek and AdAge.