FDA: The Real Cost (Little Lungs)

When you’re a teen, your lungs are still growing. But if you smoke cigarettes, not so much. Their growth can be permanently stunted. Meet Little Lungs. He’s an animated, teen-targeted, media-agnostic dude. He’s game. He’s rad. He’s up for whatever. But he smokes, so he’s stunted. With tragi-comic consequences.


Little Lungs got some big press when it launched, becoming a top pick in Ad Age, Adweek and SHOOT, with additional features in B&T, Animation Magazine and more. The series received over 10 million views in just its first few weeks, and Shots has declared it one of the top 10 ads of 2017 (so far…). Little Lungs has also been appropriately “short”-listed at Cannes and the CLIOs.