LG: The LG B&Binge

Imagine binge-watching The Crown from a palace in England, or living like a Bluth on a luxury yacht while viewing all five seasons of Arrested Development. Introducing The LG B&Binge – the ultimate binge-watching experience. You. An LG OLED TV. In the world of your favorite shows.

In 2017, LG and FCB New York launched “The TV for the Serious Watcher” platform to help the brand stand out in an overwhelmingly tech-focused marketplace and connect with the intense passion people have for their shows. This was brought to life through a partnership between LG Premium televisions and Netflix. Now in its second year, this collaboration will bring fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to binge-watch in the world of their favorite shows during the ultimate LG OLED 4K TV test-drive. In the first-ever guilt-free vacation where you’re actually encouraged to stay indoors, kick back and binge on.

FCB’s growing relationship with LG also includes a recent digital extension of the “Serious Watcher” campaign, a new multi-city speaker activation in collaboration with AFROPUNK and Twin Shadow, furthering an evergreen ambition to make LG electronics a badge for consumer passions.