Yoonjung Crosby, Chief Talent Officer

Yoonjung Crosby
Chief Talent Officer

Yoonjung Is Never Finished Scrolling LinkedIn.

Stories of people’s lives fascinate Yoonie, which is why you might find her wandering the 18th- and 19th-century portrait halls of art museums pondering their pasts. When it comes to talent management, Yoonie knows that any company’s greatest asset is its people – so, attracting and retaining the best of them, and creating an inclusive environment for all talent to thrive, is where she invests the bulk of her time. An advocate for professional development, she helps to ensure that the agency empowers employees to bring their best every day. She brings a wealth of experience promoting innovative strategies that enrich and support FCBNY’s creative mission, while furthering people’s stories on both a personal and a professional level.