Suzanne Santiago, EVP, Group Management Director

Suzanne Santiago
EVP, Group Management Director

Suzanne is Never Finished asking questions.

Suzanne is curious, and certainly not bashful. Her favorite words are who, what, where, why, how — and why again. Why? Because she’s a tough-as-nails account lead who values human insight and strategy on every brand she’s touched, from JPMorgan to Chase, AT&T and Amtrak. When she’s not dreaming of floating in the Caribbean, she’s in the office leading the agency’s largest account, FDA Center for Tobacco Products, toward measurable business results — like saving the government $31B in future healthcare costs, by preventing 348K teens from ever experimenting with tobacco — and coaching them to create stories specifically for the digital, social and new media channels where Generation Z “lives.” That’s how you win multiple Effies. No, not bashful at all.