Jenn Iuorio, Chief Financial Officer

Jenn Iuorio
Chief Financial Officer

Jenn is Never Finished driving financial performance and driving her kids to sports practice.

With 20+ years of financial experience, and as a mother to two energetic tween boys, Jenn has learned to balance many things expertly — such as client budgets and the “work-life dilemma.” She began her career as an analyst at FCB in the late ’90s, and has come full circle to oversee all financial operations for our New York office. (Take that, glass ceilings!) To Jenn, being the CFO isn’t just about working with numbers. It’s about elevating our creativity and delivering the most value for our brands and partners, every day, with every opportunity. She was a competitive athlete – captain of her college volleyball team and even voted into their Athletic Hall of Fame — but her biggest win to date? Beating thyroid cancer. Jenn pays it forward daily, with a killer attitude — and an even more killer work ethic.