Gabriel Schmitt, Co-Chief Creative Officer

Gabriel Schmitt
Co-Chief Creative Officer

Gabriel is Never Finished. Literally. His creative motto is “Let’s keep pushing.”

He’s a Brazilian-born soccer (or futebol) fanatic. Recently promoted to Co-CCO, he’s behind some of marketing’s most beloved and out-there ideas, and it was under Gabriel’s leadership that Whopper Detour quickly became Burger King’s best promotion ever. With a commitment to solving a client’s most pressing business challenges with creativity, his disruptive work for brands like Valspar and Contours Baby Stroller has won him almost every prestigious award in the industry and was picked up by such notable news outlets as The New York Times, CNN and Fast Company, to name a few. Leading up to his promotion, Gabriel was reengineering brand-building work for AB InBev’s Michelob ULTRA, ABI’s Beyond Beer division and GSK, while also pursuing an executive MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. As Co-CCO, he’s empowering all of FCB New York’s talent to continue pushing for the win.